At Three Bee Doulas we strive to give you a feeling of community as you take this incredible journey as a family. Just as bees work together and support each other in the hive, we will work with you and support you during this amazing time. We believe that everyone deserves to be supported in giving birth the way that is right for them. We support families all over Toronto in their journey towards a birth that feels right for them.

ドゥーラには、大きく分けて2つの役割があります。 妊産婦を支援する「出産ドゥーラ」と、産後女性を支援する「産後ドゥーラ」です。



  • 新生児の沐浴やオムツ交換、授乳のサポートとアドバイス
  • 送迎、食事の準備、遊び相手等、上のお子様のお世話
  • 買い物、掃除、洗濯、食事の準備など、日常の家事

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